About the Lake

A beautiful aerial picture Lake Beulah

Lake Beulah Contour Map

See the depths of the lake

Map of Sensitive Areas

There are eight areas of the lake that have been designated as sensitive. Their protection will help to preserve the quality of the water in Lake Beulah.

Lake Facts

Area = 834 miles
Area with Island = 879.6
Under 3 ft. = 13%
Over 20 ft. = 34%
Shoreline = 15.3 miles
Maximum Depth = 58

On Lake Beulah

Beulah Bluffs Preserve
Lake Beulah Sailing School
Lake Beulah Yacht Club
Divine Word Seminary; History

Nearby Nature Areas

Beulah Bog
Rainbow Springs

Camps on Lake Beulah

B’nai B’rith Beber Camp
Camp Alice Chester
Camp Charles Allis
 Camp Edwards
Salvation Army Camp

The Camps of Lake Beulah
by Jean Humphrey
Read about the history of the camps and see vintage photos!


1940 News Articles
1963 Code of Conduct
1993 Lake Beulah–Pioneer Days to the Present
1994 100 Years: A Capsule History of the LBPIA
East Troy Area History
Hotel Beulah
Lake Beulah History: Resorts & Area Information
Hotel Beulah History, courtesy of the Lake Beulah Yacht Club

Lake Beulah Management District

The Lake Beulah Management District (LBMD)  was created for the primary purpose of protecting and rehabilitating Lake Beulah. The LBMD is governed by a board of commissioners who are elected by District Electors to a three-year term of office. The annual LBMD budget and tax levy are approved by Riparian Owner Electors at the District’s Annual meeting. Approved District funds are collected through a special line on the annual Town of East Troy Property Tax rolls. Riparian owners that are judged to be within the LBMD boundaries pay these taxes annually. Funds are used to support weed cutting and treatment, litigation and the development of ordinances to protect the lake and riparian owners, water quality monitoring, local intergovernmental cooperation, etc.